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    Britta Kimpel

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    Britta Kimpel

    Britta perceives yoga as a tool for personality development. As a psychologist she loves to combine her knowledge of modern western psychology with the ancient eastern philosophies and to inspire her students to always reach out for their own highest self. Britta’s classes reflect this focus on development and growth and she loves to challenge her students to tackle their individual boundaries, to extravagate them where possible and to accept them where necessary. Her vision is a world in which all people live together in harmony with others and with themselves by being fully aligned with their own inner truth– free from any doctrines or hampering regulations… This is why one of her favourite quotes is “Live your own life, because all the other lives are already taken!”

    Britta owns a multi-style yoga studio in Aarau, Switzerland. She opened this place called atmarama yoga – which is Sanskrit and means inner bliss – in 2012 to create a space to make her vision happen and to support her students to find and live their own inner truth.

    Besides teaching yoga classes, workshops and teacher trainings at atmarama yoga she also coaches a lot of clients by the inneRevolution® yoga life coaching method that she has developed to support people with yoga and psychology more individual and focused. She also travels around a lot to practice yoga with different teachers or to assist one of her main teachers, Christine May, internationally at different workshops & events. And also, she works as a mentor for Prana Flow Teacher Trainees.

    When she’s not working in the field of yoga, she trains unemployed people about finding a personal vision for their life and how to find a job that follows this vision.


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