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    Nele Van Poucke

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    Nele Van Poucke with Omnitom Yoga&Fusion wear clothes

    Blond petite, but full of power. But during her classes she oozes calmness. With Nele you explore your edge – flexibility, strength and endurance – in a playful way. The timbre of her voice gets you out of your thoughts and tempts you in a soft and meditative way.
    She fell in love with yoga almost immediately and you notice it in her classes, knowledge and even secrets get reveiled.
    Because yoga made her calm, friendly and happy, she was instantly hooked. Teaching happened merely by accident because Elsie ( her teacher) needed someone to sub one of her classes. Nele completed her training with Shiva Rea in L.A. and makes it an anual tradition to go back to train Shiva and indulge in the Californian way of life.


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