There are a number of scientific studies on the health benefits of yoga. Research has shown that yoga is a safe and effective way to:

  • increase your strenght
  • increase your physical activity
  • increase your flexibility
  • increase your balance
  • increase your spiritual energy
  • increase sexuality
  • increase your chance to get pregnant
  • increase control on your body
  • increase control on your mind
  • decrease the stress in your lifedecrease illness
  • decrease your tense
  • decrease your insomnia
  • decrease new illness and treat the existing ones
  • decrease risk of heart disease
  • decrease acceptance of negative emotions

There are so many reasons for which we should try to do yoga. If you haven’t touched the magic of yoga yet, it’s time to give it a try! You will be pleasantly surprised by its healing effect not only on your body, but also the harmony and balance that will help you to achieve on a mental, emotional and spiritual level!

But take in mind that if you want to reach not only physical progress of your body, but also mental progress of your mind and controlling body process, you have to accept and learn the philosophy of yoga, which is the law of Karma. The yogis tell us the only way to not produce Karma is to act selflessly, without ego, without the desire for any reward. Yoga considers eight necessary level during process of our self-improvement. They are interconnected and conditioned, each coming from the previous, and it’s not possible to skip any of them.

So, if you’ve decided to change your way of living and change your mind, then you have to master the rules for relations with people and nature. After this only you can go to asana for controlling your body.

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