• Be an Earth Angel

    When you purchase Omnitom wear, you get much more than just a piece of clothing. With our new campaign “Love Grows” you will receive a kit for making your wishes come true + you will give your support to the first Democratic school of Bulgaria.



    Angels Are Watching Over Us

    We all have Hopes and Dreams, things that we long for … But sometimes we don’t feel like talking about them to anyone.

    Angels are here to help you now. Just write down your deepest wishes on a New moon on our new Angels Wings label made of plantable recycled paper, sow the seeds of Hope (by placing the wings and the heart in moist soil) and see the Universe unfolding to make your most sacred desires come true … See beautiful clovers grow and Love bloom!



    Be an Earth Angel

    We all know that changing the world starts by changing yourself and your close environment.

    We at Omnitom believe that every one of us should remember to make a difference to our own life and the lives of others by showing kindness, compassion and love and by doing something meaningful every day!

    Since we all agree that children are the future of the world, we decided to lend a helping hand to children of Bulgaria and start a campaign so they can get a better education.

    More and more the world realizes that the current educational system loses grounds and its effectiveness is in doubt.

    Luckily, alternative methods of education arise. One of the most popular and discussed alternative systems lately is the “democratic school”.

    Imagine a school where children and teenagers are accorded all the rights and responsibilities of democratic citizenship; where students truly practice, rather than just read about, the principles of free speech, free association, and freedom to choose their own activities; where students vote on the rules that affect them, and serve on juries to try those accused of violating those rules. What better training than this to prepare students for democratic citizenship?

    Unity is power!


    Let us all unite and help the children of Bulgaria have their first democratic school in the country.

    Show your support and buy the new Omnitom “Earth Angel” Top and we’ll donate €1.00 to the cause on your behalf.

    By purchasing this designer top not only you’ll devote yourself to this cause but you’ll have the softest and fanciest top made of pure organic cotton which will remind you that you can be somebody’s Angel on Earth every day.

    “Earth Angel” Top available now at: http://omnitom.com/shop/new-arrivals/earth-angel-top/

    Thank you!

    Blessings, Omnitom