This is a tea our Omnitom ambassador Selina drinks every day to keep the virus at bay…

Ingredients for one mug:

1 teaspoon of dry roasted coriander seeds
1 piece of ginger, pounded in the pestal and mortar

Roast the coriander seeds in a dry frying pan for a minute or so, be careful that they do not burn…! Then take a bit of ginger (with skin), wash it, pound it in a pestal and mortar, so that the root can release its wonderful essential oils and put both ingredients in a pot on the stove to boil. Let boil for at least five minutes and then drink the tea, with a teaspoon of bee honey, if you wish for some sweetness.
You can also make a larger amount and keep boiling it up during the day.

Another great thing to do, if you are worried about infection, or just want to purify your space, is the ancient practice of fumigation…
Take dried sage leaves and place them on a piece of coal (or use a smudge stick made of sage, if you have one). When you inhale the fumes, they coat your mucus membranes, thus protecting them from any virus that might want to settle on them.

On the photo:

Selina at Plantation Villa in Sri Lanka wearing the wonderful up cycled Orion lycra top and Earthly leggings
Photo (C) Radek Sieber

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