As many of you know, our newest design has a special message written on it. The back of this lovely shirt says “All the flowers of Tomorrow are the seeds of Today. Plant seeds of Love and Joy.”The idea behind the design is based on our firm believe in karmic management.


Karmic management is a concept based on Tibetan Buddhism and is very well explained in the works of Geshe Michael Roach. Shortly put, when you do good deeds you create karmic seeds which, when fully grown, blossom to give you positive outcomes in your daily life. The beauty of karmic seeds is that you can use them in any part of your life to solve any type of problem. So, for instance, if you want more peace in your life, you have to create the seeds for it by establishing a peaceful environment for other people. You have to give what you want in order to get it.

Now, we strongly believe in the angelic nature of our tribe and we see you not only as your customers but also as our karmic partners. That’s why we wanted to help you excel in creating the seeds you most desire. Here is the beauty of it – with every purchase of the “Earth Angel” Top we donate €1.00 on your behalf to help the children of Bulgaria have their first Democratic school in the country.

A Democratic school provides its students with the unique opportunity to create their own schedule and choose the subjects they want to study. In other words, kids have more freedom from a very early age. On the other hand, they learn how to be responsible and respectful towards others.

Freedom and respect are two things we all want. We all want to have the chance to design our own lives and be accepted for our choices. By purchasing the Omnitom Earth Angel Top you create the seeds for more freedom, respect and acceptance in your life. So spread the love, OmniPeople, be generous and do good deeds. We believe in you.

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