Noeli Naima is an Angel for Omnitom and has been sharing Yoga since 2005, when she finished her first official Sivananda Yoga formation in Augsburg, Germany at the Paracelsus School for Naturopathy.

Creating a safe space to restore affinity with the body in her classes, Noeli invites to enjoy intimacy with yourself and the Kulashakti of the group, to flow with the moment and with the breath, Pranifying the body-temple of life. Without coming down from the head to the body there is no re-connection with the primitive power of the Heart that lays way beyond our mind-controlling thoughts. Liberation is the big maxima in Yoga, it started with breathing yourself alive in the body level to a premeditation level.

Noeli uses all her love based skills to teach Yoga with great humor and lightness, mixing mantras, asanas, mudras, and pranayamas with poetry, her Indian ancestral knowledge, modern and traditional music, dance and mythology.

Classes are challenging but open level, depending upon the offer, Prana Yoga Flow (Vinyasa Flow) classes tend to be more challenging than Yin Yoga classes or Hatha Yoga classes, but all of them based on the breath consciousness, breath that leads the movement towards the body, embodying the breath to body, feeling the intrinsic breath intelligence expand through the body and out. When all the movements in a Yoga class are permeated with breath awareness there is a great “vibe” in the room, we call this “vibration” Maha Shakthi energy.

Noeli lives in South Germany with her family and travels the globe to teach and receive the teachings of the Samudra School for Living Yoga with Twee Merrigan and Shiva Rea, learning and serving, been part of the global assistance program. She started recently to deepen her knowledge in Maha Shakthi Yoga, an ancient Tantra Art of Kundalini Yoga, and has been initiated in September 2011 through Jnana Acharya Wisdom Teacher Vijay Radakhrisnan. Life is a journey, let ´s live well, honorable, healthy and satisfied,

With a humble heart, and everyday surrender to the source,

Samtosham ***

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