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    We are so grateful for the devotion and support of our Omnitom Angels in spreading the Omnitom awareness. Omnitom is a child of great love for life yoga and people and we appreciate all beings who are concerned with raising the positive vibration in the world. That is why we call our ambassadors Angels. Five percent of the Angel sales goes to Yoga Gives Back

    Lina Fong

    Lina is a pharmacist by profession based in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. Being in the healthcare industry since she graduated, health and fitness play a big role in her lifestyle.

    She has been a dedicated and enthusiastic Yoga practitioner for more than a decade. She has included Yoga as part of her lifestyle routine because she realized that Yoga helps her holistically in many ways.




    Selina Gullery

    Selina Gullery (BA, E-RYT 500) is a qualified linguist, yoga teacher, intuitive cook and student of life.

    She walks the path of yoga to connect with her body and through it with the rhythms of nature and the divine that resides in all things. Yoga for her is a holistic approach to leading a conscious and responsible life, in tune with ourselves, with each other, our communities, and the world around us.

    Her yoga practice is informed with her passion for psychology, somatic movement, music, poetry and traditional Chinese practices of movement and their underlying healing properties. She imparts her knowledge with insight and passion, drawing on decades of study and practice. She is fortunate to have learnt with inspiring teachers and at schools with both a traditional, Indian lineage and those that have adopted a western and more contemporary approach to Yoga.

    In her Teacher Trainings, in classes and on retreat, she encourages the growth of the spiritual and individual self in her students, through cultivating self-love, embracing imperfections and residing in the gentle strength of the higher Self.

    Selina spends most of her time in OMNITOM clothing either in nature, on her yoga mat, in the kitchen creating dishes, in deep meditation or travelling to teach from her home base in Sofia, Bulgaria.


    Maria Ivanova-Richardson

    Maria Ivanova with Omnitom clothes


    Maria, born in Bulgaria and now living on the West Coast of Australia, has chosen a healthy lifestyle as a way of life. This naturally led her to Pilates and Yoga. She has been teaching now for over a decade, and calls her classes YOGALATES. She combines Vinyasa Flow with classical Pilates techniques, which for her is the perfect way of keeping inner balance and a lean, strong body.

    Maria has been an OMNITOM Angel since the very beginning and has featured as an OMNITOM model around the world.



    Mira Jamadi

    Mira Jamadi


    Mira Jamadi is a Vinyasa teacher based in Aix en Provence in France. She is the founder and director of Divine Alchemy Yoga School, a Vinyasa Yoga teacher training school.  Originally from California, Mira’s principal teacher was Shiva Rea whose teachings have greatly influenced her practice.  Mira first started practicing yoga as way to heal herself naturally from severe panic disorder and depression.  Through Yoga, she was able to transform her life from debilitating illness to radiant health and today helps others do the same.

    Mira Jamadi
    Founder and director of Divine Alchemy Yoga School

    Alessandra Pecorella



    Alessandra began exploring the roots of Yoga when she was 17 and have been practicing with great enthusiasm and curiosity for the past 20 years, following her mother Bhakta and artist.
    Alessandra runs inspiring and challenging classes where she encourages the students to explore their full potential by connecting with their own natural rhythm.
    Alessandra is continuously inspired in her Vinyasa Sadhana by practicing and working closely with yoginis Shiva Rea and Claire Missingham. At present she is a mentor on Claire’s Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training ongoing in London. She is featured in Claire’s Vinyasa Yoga dvd.



    Nele Van Poucke

    Nele Van Poucke with Omnitom Yoga&Fusion wear clothes

    Blond petite, but full of power. But during her classes she oozes calmness. With Nele you explore your edge – flexibility, strength and endurance – in a playful way. The timbre of her voice gets you out of your thoughts and tempts you in a soft and meditative way.
    She fell in love with yoga almost immediately and you notice it in her classes, knowledge and even secrets get reveiled.
    Because yoga made her calm, friendly and happy, she was instantly hooked. Teaching happened merely by accident because Elsie ( her teacher) needed someone to sub one of her classes. Nele completed her training with Shiva Rea in L.A. and makes it an anual tradition to go back to train Shiva and indulge in the Californian way of life.


    Joanna Najduch

    Joanna Najduch with Omnitom Yoga&Fusion wear clothes

    Joanna was inspired and encouraged to follow the path of yoga teacher training after many years practicing and enjoying yoga classes. Her love of dynamic flowing sequences led her to pursue Astanga Yoga Teacher Training 200 hrs Yoga Alliance which she completed in 2004 with Brian Cooper and Nawajyoti at Union Yoga in Edinburgh and Shanti Griha in Scoraig, Scotland.
    Joanna continues to deepen her yoga practice and draws inspiration from workshops and intensives with a wide range of well known yogis such as Sri Dharma Mittra, David Swenson, Matthew Sweeney, Paul Grilley, Kausthub Desikachar, Simon Low, Claire Missingham, Donna Farhi and Sarah Powers.
    Joanna also loves to follow the flow with Shiva Rea – her main inspiration. She loves to teach Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga and is a devotee of Yin Yoga too!

    Joanna’s website

    Shauna Slingsby

    Shauna Slingsby with Omnitom clothes

    Shauna grew up in Newport Beach, California where she dedicated most of her formative years to playing volleyball. She took her first yoga class in 1988 when she was a student at the University of California Berkeley. After completing her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, she traveled extensively throughout Latin America following her passion for international environmental work and continuing to explore various forms of yoga, including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Jivamukti, Kripalu, Kundalini, and Vinyasa.

    Shauna recently launched WAVE YOGA, which was inspired by her many teachings…thousands of hours under water observing marine life and how organisms move in the water ~ Shiva Rea’s teachings on fluid power yoga ~ the evolution of her own yoga practice through pregnancy and childbirth ~ and her academic understanding of the unique and healing properties of water, particularly the sea. She says, “If we unlearn our rigidity, we will once again feel our fluidity, just like those first 40 weeks of life in the womb.”

    Mercedes Ngoh

    Mercedes Ngoh with Omnitom clothes

    I am very passionate about health and fitness and I initially began studying yoga as a way to strengthen my body and increase my flexibility. I was unaware of the amazing benefits that both my mind and spirit would receive. I found a new sense of calm, control, increased concentration and less reactivity in the face of stressful situations, not to mention that physically, my body became more sculpted, stronger and flexible than it ever was during my 15 years of dance training and athletics. I began to build my strength, both physical and spiritual, from the inside out instead of just on the surface and I moved into a place of authentic power rooted from deep within, rather than looking for validation in outside, temporary sources.


    Delamay Devi

    Delamay Devi with Omnitom clothes

    Originally from Byron Bay, Australia. Delamay’s intention is to create a safe space for personal empowerment that allows you to embody the true essence of your natural self.
    She had her first experience of a Yoga class at the age of 14 at high school then went on to study dance which included ISHTA Yoga.
    In 2007 Delamay graduated from the Unity Yoga teacher training with a Distinction & is now part of the teacher training & global assistance program with Shiva Rea, the creator of Prana Flow Yoga. Along with teaching weekly classes & workshops Delamay taught the first ever Yoga Dance workshop in Brighton during the Fringe Festival 2009, she has also taught in Brazil, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Malaysia & Australia. When on the road Delamay created “The Urban Yoga Project” which captures the polarities and art between the urban environment and the natural form of Yoga.


    Noeli Naima

    Noeli Naima with Omnitom clothes

    Noeli Naima is an Angel for Omnitom and has been sharing Yoga since 2005 ,when she finished her first official Sivananda Yoga formation in Augsburg, Germany at the Paracelsus School for Naturopathy.

    Born in Brazil, her first contact with Yoga was in her late teen year’s trough “Body Awareness” classes in the Theater School.

    Creating a safe space to restore affinity with the body in her classes, Noeli invites to enjoy intimacy with yourself and the Kulashakti of the group, to flow with the moment and with the breath, Pranifying the body-temple of life. Without coming down from the head to the body there is no re-connection with the primitive power of the Heart that lays way beyond our mind controlling thoughts. Liberation is the big maxima in Yoga, it started with breathing yourself alive in the body level to a pre –meditation level.

    Noeli uses all her love based skills to teach Yoga with great humor and lightness, mixing mantras, asanas, mudras and pranayamas with poetry, her Indian ancestral knowledge, modern and traditional music, dance and mythology.

    Classes are challenging but open level, depending upon the offer, Prana Yoga Flow (Vinyasa Flow) classes tend to be more challenging than Yin Yoga classes or Hatha Yoga classes, but all of then based on the breath consciousness, breath that leads the movement towards the body, embodying the breath to body, feeling the intrinsic breath intelligence expand through the body and out. When all the movements in a Yoga class are permeated with breath awareness there is a great “vibe” in the room, we call this “vibration” Maha Shakthi energy.

    Noeli lives in South Germany with her family and travels the globe to teach and receive the teachings of the Samudra School for Living Yoga with Twee Merrigan and Shiva Rea, learning and serving, been part of the global assistance program. She started recently to deepen her knowledge in Maha Shakthi Yoga, an ancient Tantra Art of Kundalini Yoga and has been initiated in September 2011 through Jnana Acharya Wisdom Teacher Vijay Radakhrisnan. Life is a journey, let ´s live well, honorable, healthy and satisfied,

    With a humble heart, and every day surrender to the source,

    Samtosham ***

    Britta Kimpel

    Britta Kimpel

    Britta perceives yoga as a tool for personality development. As a psychologist she loves to combine her knowledge of modern western psychology with the ancient eastern philosophies and to inspire her students to always reach out for their own highest self. Britta’s classes reflect this focus on development and growth and she loves to challenge her students to tackle their individual boundaries, to extravagate them where possible and to accept them where necessary. Her vision is a world in which all people live together in harmony with others and with themselves by being fully aligned with their own inner truth– free from any doctrines or hampering regulations… This is why one of her favourite quotes is “Live your own life, because all the other lives are already taken!”

    Britta owns a multi-style yoga studio in Aarau, Switzerland. She opened this place called atmarama yoga – which is Sanskrit and means inner bliss – in 2012 to create a space to make her vision happen and to support her students to find and live their own inner truth.

    Besides teaching yoga classes, workshops and teacher trainings at atmarama yoga she also coaches a lot of clients by the inneRevolution® yoga life coaching method that she has developed to support people with yoga and psychology more individual and focused. She also travels around a lot to practice yoga with different teachers or to assist one of her main teachers, Christine May, internationally at different workshops & events. And also, she works as a mentor for Prana Flow Teacher Trainees.

    When she’s not working in the field of yoga, she trains unemployed people about finding a personal vision for their life and how to find a job that follows this vision.