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    Air Yoga Munich

    Air yoga studio Munich  Yoga translates as the union of body and mind. The effects of yoga have been described over centuries. As a discipline,yoga will promote a healthy body and a clear mind. Those who attain inner balance often find the strength and tranquility to master an exhausting daily life. AIRYOGA provides what it takes to find such poise: With us, you learn to breathe with awareness, to move with mindfulness and to relax with ease.

    Bridget Woods Kramer

    homepage_bridget_woods_kramerBridget is Anusara’s UK representative and main certified Anusara teacher having studied with John Friend, the founder of the Anusara school of Yoga since 1994. Bridget travels all over Europe giving Anusara immersion workshops, Teacher training’s, and in depth study courses. Anusara Yoga is a uniquely intergrated approach to Hatha Yoga in which the art of the human spirit is powerfully blended with the science of bio-mechanics. Anusara means ‘Flowing with grace (going with the flow) following your heart.

    Nominated for Business women of the year and a leading light in the fitness industry for more than two decades Bridget launched one of the UK’s leading fitness facilities and Health Spas, ‘The Fitness Centre’ as well as world renowned and ground breaking day spa, ‘The Sanctuary’ in Covent Garden.

    Bridget has authored numerous articles and books and has a proven record for identifying coming trends. She is known for her dynamic style of teaching with close attention to alignment detail. She is extremely dedicated to the many students of all abilities who attend her classes.

    Bridget takes every available opportunity to continue studying to deepen her knowledge. She enthusiastically embraces a tireless schedule of travel, study, practice, workshops, classes, private instruction and a very busy family life as wife and mother of two

    International Yoga Centers Directory

    120406135851yoga_centers_directory_sInternational Yoga Centers Directory

    Global guide to yoga studios, ashrams, online yoga classes and yoga retreat

    Trinity Retreat Center

    trinity_logo (2)Imagine welcoming the Sun amongst the silent peaks of the central Bulgarian mountains and consciously inhaling the pure mountain air. Then drinking fresh milk from the local cow named Bogdana while eating nutritional homemade breakfast and remembering that the only appointment for today is with yourself. Imagine listening to the tales of the mountain spring, bringing its water straight from the womb of Mother Earth. Simply immerse your soul in the vibrations of peace and joy while hiking in the beautiful nature to the enchanting waterfalls.

    Twee Merrigan

    Twee MerriganTwee Merrigan

    Twee Merrigan teaches globally as a recognized teacher and trainer of prana flow, an empowering, transformational, and evolutionary-edge style of vinyasa flow yoga. Her calendar of international yoga activist + adventure retreats, teacher trainings, and master classes evolved from her original studies of hatha, tantra + ayurveda and her on-going studies with her teacher, Shiva Rea.

    Come join her on the Soul Connections Tour!


    Yoga Mandala

    logo_YM_sinceWe all live in a dynamic environment and often forget the pure pleasure from getting in touch with ourselves and others, Stress and anxiety are factors that hold us back from expressing our true selves and enjoy life. However, the strength to change hides inside all of us. Through yoga we can learn to enjoy every moment of our life and give a new, more wonderful meaning to it.
    Yoga Mandala is the biggest, contemporary yoga studio in Sofia. It has two spacious and air-conditioned halls, a yoga shop, reception and convenient changing rooms with a capacity for 50 people, all this on land of 230 sq.m. It is a place to meet friends or just have a cup of exotic tea.