• OmniShare

    We believe sincerely that yoga is a great gift that has influenced our lives in so many positive ways. That why we are extremely honored to have as our partner Yoga Gives Back.

    We practice yoga, we teach, we study, we provide space for classes. Yoga gives to us every day! Yoga Gives Back is our gesture of honor and gratitude. 

    Yoga gives back is a charity organisation that helps people in India with mircro-credits to set up their own business. These small loans make a huge difference for so many family’s lives.

    One of our activities with Yoga Gives Back is the Omnitom Angel program. Our Omnitom Angels promote and distribute our brand and 5% of their sales goes to Yoga Gives Back.

    We encourage you to support Yoga Gives Back also. For donations and more information, please visit:  http://www.yogagivesback.org/