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    Alessandra Pecorella

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    When i wear Omnitom I always have a feeling of being wrapped in the most sensual fabric. The Omnitom collections come in the more flattering and inspiring colours. They are a very feminine, yet practical.

    As you know colour vibrate at a specific frequency. When teaching Vinyasa Flow Classes or Workshops I use the vibrant colours of the Prana Power and Chakra Chick Collections to evoke a certain Bhava ( feeling state ) in the practictioners. And i do the same in my Sadhana ( personal practice, also means to empower oneself! ) i like to make it very special,setting up the space with the right light, colours , the altar, it all affects my mood.

    Omnitom has a special place in my Sadhana: it helps me connect with my Bhava on a deep level. Blessing and gratitude to the shakti creator behind the Omnitom concept. Teddy!OMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

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