omnitom cares

With each purchased product Omnitom donates and supports charitable causes. We chose to dedicate ourselves to more than one initiative, as we will embark on new endeavors periodically.

The first cause we embrace is literally about saving our planet. For each purchase we promise to plant 3 coniferous trees in the Rila Mountain in Bulgaria, in the area of the Rila Monastery. So we stand behind Let’s plant and their manifesto:

„Our planet is on fire. But, instead outing the fire out, governments and corporations ignite the flames, hypnotized by short-term profits. Literally. We from Let’s Plant have the simplest solution. We plant trees and ensure their long-term growth.”

One to three trees are planted for each euro in support of the cause. Let us give ourselves forests. Let us all make sure we have air and water!

For more information on the joint initiative of Omnitom and Let’s plant, do not hesitate to contact us.

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