We produce responsibly
and serve together to causes with meaning.


Practicing yoga is a dance of each of our cells to the rhythm of our breath. Omnitom dresses us up for this ritual with care for the fabrics – the clothes are made of soft natural cotton or linen, adding a little elastane to feel as comfortable as possible in a garment that follows our every move.

The brand guarantees quality, transparency, environmental awareness and sustainable production practices.


Unlike big yoga brands, Omnitom clothes are born from the talented hands of local tailors. This is important to us, as every step in the production process is clean and striving to help someone. Thus, our clothes carry the energy of care – care to the ones that will wear them, as well as to the ones that help us make them. For us they are not “human resource”, but our friends, because no human being is a resource – every single person is a unique Universe and we are all here to exchange energy and support each other.


You cannot take, without giving. Omnitom is aiming at always keeping this balance by serving different charity causes.

Creating our new line of yoga clothes, made with care and thoughtfulness in Bulgaria, we chose to support the “Let’s Plant” NGO.

Every purchase will add funds to the initiative of planting trees and ensuring their long-term growth.

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