Yoga clothing, made with care

Yoga is bringing us to the present moment. The only place, where the truth exists. Nelly Naseva –  founder of our favorite studios Yoga Vibe, not only knows this, but clearly lives it.

“When you are here and now, you vibrate with the Truth. This organizes everything around you and inside you in the best way, so that you stay true to yourself and merely live yourself. Only then you are capable of creating from your heart and the whole Universe supports you.”

An here it is, the Universe has so shuffled its particles in the form of people and circumstances that one of the most popular yoga wear brands will live a new life through Nelly’s mind and heart.

The New, Cosy Home of Omnitom

Omnitom is reborn and lives again in Bulgaria. The inner sense and idea behind the brand however do not shift. It stays true to itself because yoga clothing is not just clothing. When we practice yoga we become one with “the temple” – our body. Omnitom’s mission is to honor “the temple”. To make us feel free, to experience and realize the beauty of our bodies. Because thin or round, tall or short, we are all imperfect, but still beautiful – women!

“To feel you soul at peace, your body free and to realize the beauty of it – this is the most precious feeling for a woman, when being on the yoga mat. Omnitom achieves all that. With those garments we want to give the women who practice self-confidence, comfort, freedom and a feeling they are beautiful here and now.”

With Care for The Body

Practicing yoga is a dance of each of our cells to the rhythm of our breath. Omnitom dresses us up for this ritual with care for the fabrics – the clothes are made of soft natural cotton or linen, adding a little elastane to feel as comfortable as possible in a garment that follows our every move.

An elegant and clean new logo reminds of a cotton flower and the five circles in it symbolize the five yoga koshas or the subtle shells of the body. Tenderly branded, Omnitom clothes reminded us of a quote from an unknown but extremely wise and poetic author: “Flowers are the proof that God exists. Could chaos create something so perfect?”

Responsible Production

The brand differs in one more thing. The sustainable attitude in the production process. Unlike big yoga brands, Omnitom entrust its production to local tailors, who put a lot of effort into it. Nelly refers to them not as “human resource”, but as colleagues and friends, because no human being is a resource – every single person is a unique Universe and we are all here to exchange energy and support each other.

“Omnitom clothes are born from the talented hands of local tailors. This is important to us, as every step in the production process is clean and striving to help someone. Thus, our clothes carry the energy of care – care to the ones that will wear them, as well as to the ones that help us make them. That is what stand behind the slogan of the brand: “Yoga wear made with care”.

Clothes With a Cause

Omnitom leaves a trace. Nelly knows what balance is. You can not take without giving. So from now on, the brand will serve different causes by funding them with a percent of its sales. We are eager to understand which the first Omnitom initiative will be and to browse through the new online shop of the brand, which will offer mats as well as some other curious yoga accessories.

One thing is certain – we will love Omnitom the way we love Yoga vibe. Because they are similar – created with love, taste and lots of professionalism from Nelly in the name of her big love – yoga.

Nelly is a founder and co-owner of Yoga vibe chain of studios as well as the health platform Yoga Vibe Online. She has been working as a corporate lawyer for more than 15 years, and she’s been interested in spiritual and meditation practices for almost the same amount of time. She is accredited yoga teacher, her classes are fun and her aim is to make everybody on the mat happy and fully aware of their body and inner world. She is inspired by both – the physical progress of her students as well as their spiritual growth. Apart from the classes, trainings and seminars she is also known for being a mentor in the biggest in Bulgaria program for certifying future yoga and meditation instructors at the Yoga Alliance.

From this year on, Nelly is an owner of the Bulgarian yoga and accessories brand Omnitom, as well as the cosmetic brand 11 Moons, which offers natural oil blends for women’s hormonal health.

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